Hi there! I'm Bananabread03! I'm here because I love the fandom I'm already in and I want to see if there are any others I might like. If it's okay with you, I'd like to talk a little about myself.

I started off reading the Harry Potter series, and that really launched me into my love of magic and things like that. I also really like the Percy Jackson series and Ninjago.

My OTP is Zilly. Zane from Ninjago and the girl version of Lloyd.I came up with her one day when me and my brother were playing around with Legos. I paired her up with Zane, (sniff! *wipes tear* my first ship!) and it just blossomed!

I learned about all this fangirl stuff on Pintrest, not Tumblur. Most of the fangirling pins I saw were originally from Tumblur though. (so maby I did learn from Tumblur. You think?)

I'm new here! I don't know what else I'll add to this place!

See y'all later! - Bananabread03

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