Zane was walking through the forest. They had been separated by group of ghosts who had disguised themselves as the ninja, leading them to "where the fight was". He would have to be ready. He would have to be prepared for anything the ghosts had in store for him. He would... BOOM! Zane was knocked back by a sonic boom from somewhere in the forest. He drew his swords and headed towards the sound

Finally he came to the place. There was a large crater in the ground. Zane peeked in. He saw... a girl! He put his swords away and jumped into the hole. She was wearing a golden outfit, similar to the ones the ninja wore. He held out his hand to help the girl up."My name is Zane. Why are you in this crater?"

"I was fighting the ghosts," She made a small fountain of water appear in her hand. Then fire, then ice! She showed him all the elements of the five ninja. "They were too strong for me to handle myself, so they threw me here. Apparently they threw me hard enough to create this crater." She chuckled. "Oh! I haven't told you my name! I'm Lilly, the Golden Ninja."

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