Zane seemed surprised for a few seconds. He shook it off and helped Lilly up. "We have been needing a Golden Ninja. I will take you to see my other friends" Zane looked around him. "Do you have any clue of where we might be right now?"

"While I was up in the air I saw a clearing around that direction." Lilly said as she pointed south. "I saw a small camp set up there. It might be yours!"

Zane's face lit up. "Good! We shall walk south!" He couldn't wait to introduce the ninja to Lilly.

When they finally got to camp the ninja ran over to Zane. "Aw man! The ghosts played that prank on you too!?" Jay said.

"I checked over our stuff. I think the ghosts stole some of our weapons." Kai stated.

"Well," Zane started "Something good has come out of this separation."

"What? You found delicious food? We're almost out of berries." Cole said excitedly.

"Yes I brought berries. My friends, I would like to introduce you to Lilly." Lilly stepped out from behind a tree. "The Golden Ninja"

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